BSi and CEN Standards body

The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020 and we are now in a transition period which closes on 31 December 2020.

BSI is now classed as a non-EEA member of CEN and CENELEC since 1st July 2020 and BSI's membership of CEN and CENELEC has been guaranteed until the end of 2021. BSI is confident its membership will continue beyond that time.

BSI’s continues as a member of ETSI; BSI’s voting on ETSI ENs has also moved to the non-EEA category. BSI’s membership of ISO and IEC is not affected by the UK’s exit from the EU.

UKCA mark from the 1st January 2021

There will be a UK domestic regulatory regime from 1st January 2021, which will include the mandatory use of the UKCA mark and UK-recognised approved bodies where required. 

If CE marking is part of the conformity assessment procedure then the CE marking can remain but they must also affix the UKCA marking, which is a separate requirement.  The UKCA marking can be added without re-approval by a UK body. 

They must provide a UK DoC, which can be the same as an EU DoC except that it lists the UK regulations to which the manufacturer states the product conforms.

If members have product stock that has already been placed on the UK market with the CE mark, they will not have to add the UKCA mark.

Product undergoing certification: there is a transitional provision whereby a product which has not been placed on the (UK) market pre-31 December but for which a manufacturer has undertaken any (or part of any) conformity assessment procedure, will be deemed to have been under the new conformity assessment procedures in the new (ie. from 1 Jan 2021) UK regime.

Brexit and other news

We keep our members informed of the changing landscape of the gas safety industry. Current concerns are Brexit and product certification, decarbonising the energy supply and long-term health, safety and wellbeing of workers and family.

Leaving the EU will impact all safety certificates for products being imported and exported. As the UK negotiates with the EU, each certification body is planning for the future landscape, however it may be defined. CoGDEM keeps its members briefed on government positions and certifying bodies’ publicly available plans.

CoGDEM lobbies on behalf of the gas detection industry, often appearing on request to represent the industry at hearings and committee meetings. We keep our members informed of recent government correspondence and meetings at each CoGDEM meeting.